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Incoherence v1.0 -- $30

Available for immediate download.

Stereo imaging like you've never seen it before. Because you haven't. Incoherence is a powerful new kind of spectrum analysis tool that visually represents the stereo image. While traditional spectrum analyzers process only mono signals, Incoherence works with stereo in an intuitive way. High frequencies are toward the top, low frequencies are toward the bottom, and left and right correspond directly to spacial placement and diffuseness within the stereo field.

Stop working in the dark. If you're mixing in stereo, Incoherence can help you see what you're doing, and what everyone else is missing. Easily determine the balance of your mix independent from the sound of your listening environment, accurately narrow down problem frequencies, and quickly place instruments without masking or leaving gaps in the stereo field. You can also analyze the music you like with Incoherence and learn how to acheive a similar sound. It's really pretty neat.

Free Lo-Res Plug-ins
for your media player
Incoherence is so pretty, we just couldn't restrain ourselves. We had to let everyone see it. So we made these free plugins for all the hip media players. Besides, once you've spent two hours flipping through your music collection in a blissful daze, you'll pretty much have to come back and buy the grown-up version.


Winamp Plug-in

Windows Media Player Plug-in

iTunes Plug-in
Mac OS X:
iTunes Plug-in
Linux (x86 only):
XMMS Plug-in (.deb)

XMMS Plug-in (RPM)

Incoherence uses the following libraries,
for which source code is available under the LGPL: